Postoperative hypothermia, if present, should be treated by the administration of convective or conductive heat await normothermia is achieved. This article has been cited by erstwhile articles in PMC.

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By the constitutive consensus conference, the coordinator presented an initial literature search, and through a in name only group process the guideline group agreed search terms for the literature search on PubMed, APC Journal Club, and CINAHL, after that also agreed five key cold questions: What are the attempt factors for the occurrence of perioperative hypothermia? Only patient studies were included no case reports. Compared to normothermic patients, these patients have more frequent abrasion infections relative risk [RR] 3. Prewarmed patients must be actively warmed intraoperatively as well but the planned duration of anesthesia is longer than 60 minutes without prewarming, 30 minutes. It should be actively prevented. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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Adjacent to this background, the existing evidence on preventing, recognizing, and treating perioperative hypothermia demands to be turned into recommendations for custom. Out of a total of publications identified, relevant ones were selected and passed to the chapter responsible authors as topic-specific literature packages to be alone evaluated using structured checklists modified according to SIGN [ 9 ]. What are the consequences of perioperative hypothermia? Shivering be able to be treated with medications. What are the risk factors designed for the occurrence of perioperative hypothermia? What warming techniques exist en route for reduce perioperative hypothermia? The NICE Clinical Guideline 65 of 2 was given the highest evaluation score and thus became the primary source guideline.


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